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Make Money with Nirvana Magazine!


Now that your Nirvana Magazine account is set up it is time to start posting to your feed! When a user looks at your profile they will see your username, the number of posts and fans you have and any photo or video posts you may have uploaded.

1. Add content. Because your fans are paying for access to your content it is extremely important to upload a minimum of 10 posts and to regularly add new content. This content can include either photos or videos.

2. Put your Nirvana Magazine link into your instagram bio. After creating an account you will have a url such as: It is important to promote this link by placing it into your instagram bio as well as any other social media accounts you may have. At Nirvana we suggest that you use a or a linktree account so your fans can find all of your social media accounts in 1 place. You may place this link in your bio instead of Nirvana Magazine to increase profits.

3. Have conversations with your fans to increase sales. Your fans are interested in you and when you connect with them using the chat feature your sales will increase.

Our top earners use the horn icon in the chat to mass message all of their fans regularly to increase sales. There is an incredible amount of money to be made in the chat. Keep in mind if you are making money by chatting with your fans it is still important to regularly post to your feed page to keep them engaged.

4. Post content regularly and chat with your fans often. Our top earners chat with their fans every day. If too much time passes and you are not chatting with your fans or posting content, your fans may unsubscribe and your earnings will decrease. Update your page at least every 3 or 4 days even if it is just to post a new pic.The pics do not need to be professional and can come from your iPhone gallery. Users love to see iPhone pics as it creates a personal connection between you and them. When you show your followers that you are active it will make them very happy to stay subscribed to your page and you will make more money.

5. Be Patient. Nirvana Magazine is not a get rich quick scheme. It is important to treat it like a business. Unless you have a major following it may take some time to get things


6. Use your custom referral link. Under the banking tab > referrals, you will find your custom referral link. You can give this link to new creators and if they follow it you will earn a 5% referral fee of all of their earnings for 6 months. The referral program is an excellent way to supplement your income.

Remember to be consistent!

Nirvana Magazine is an excellent way to make money online, but consistency is key!

Remember to post as much exclusive content as you can and to interact with your fans in the chat to increase your subscriber count.

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